15 tips to work from home more efficiently

Due to pandemics, remote work is now on the rise, freelance platforms are recording an increase in user activity, and video services are growing in popularity. We have prepared 15 tips that will be useful for shaping the policy of remote work. So, what are they?

How to stay efficient while working from home?

For some employees, remote work is the only possible option, while others find it difficult to get used to this format. Many people find it difficult to build a trusting relationship with a remote team and organize their workday. Thus, HR managers need to understand how to manage remote employees and help them adapt.

Top 15 tips for productive remote work

While the workplace at home may not be as inspiring as the office, even the kitchen can be efficient. So, we have prepared 15 tips on how not to lose productivity and work-life balance during remote work:

  1. Choose the digital platform for work tasks. Use virtual data room collaboration tools: iDeals, Securedocs, Box, and more. All video calls, projects, and tasks from all plans must be transferred to one planning platform.
  2. Organize technical support. During the transition to a remote form of employment, it is necessary to provide employees with access to online technical support, to develop rules for requesting and communication channels.
  3. Make a specific task plan for the day. A specific plan of tasks for the day is very important. Make it up the night before, analyzing the issues already resolved.
  4. Be responsible. Keep deadlines and work promises. Your workplace at home may be less comfortable than in the office, but this is no reason to procrastinate and be demotivated.
  5. Keep in touch with colleagues during business hours. For greater productivity, pay attention to the natural rhythms of your colleagues. Some people work better in the morning, while others need time to focus.
  6. Keep colleagues informed. Send follow-up emails after rallies and respond to incoming emails within 1 business day to avoid misunderstandings. If you don’t have updates, just write “I’m working on it now”.
  7. Joint meetings can also be used to test employee involvement. However, do not arrange online meetings just for the sake of meetings.
  8. Prefer video over audio. Eye contact is always a more effective way to communicate and understand each other. And don’t forget to joke sometimes.
  9. Organize a workplace where nothing will distract you. The best option is a table with personal space, good Wi-Fi, and a good background for video communication.
  10. Take time for a warm-up or a short walk. Even a short break will help you stay fit for the rest of the day.
  11. Dress properly. Pajamas or a home shirt are comfortable, but can negatively affect productivity and performance.
  12. Look for remote motivation tools. Advice for managers – think about how not to lose team unity in the new realities.
  13. An inspiring location to work—é It is important to distinguish between work and household chores on the psychological and physical levels.
  14. Take breaks from exercise. Get up from your chair every hour and warm-up for 5 minutes. This will not only lift your spirits and keep you in shape but also reduce the craving for frequent snacks.
  15. Appreciate the personal time of colleagues. Try not to write to co-workers outside of work hours. This is an important point for maintaining a healthy working regime.