What is virtual data room software?

Virtual data room is a business deal management system that allows you to move from paper instructions to automation of execution and control over processes, which greatly simplifies management and increases the efficiency of a company. So, how does the system work? Here is more about it.

Digital data room: how to organize digital business workflow?

Deal management is the whole complex of works on contracts preparation, approval, signing, execution control, and storage. In general, working with contracts in an organization is a high-quality legal registration and support of a substantive (“technical”) task in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, taking into account the specifics of the business, contractors, etc.

Today, there are many offers of ready-made digital solutions for automating document flow, office work, etc. Among other things, virtual data rooms are programs for maintaining contracts, agreeing on them, registering and accounting, etc. For many, especially small, organizations, such services are assistance in the competent preparation of documents and risk reduction. For large companies, it is process optimization.

In any case, the main advantage of using deal management software for a company is the use of a single tool for exchanging information and documents. Such systems help companies digitize, store, manage and track documents electronically.

Accounting and tax reporting, management, and other documents are scanned and entered into the system, which ensures their orderly storage and instant access at any time. Information is stored on the server, backups are automatically created, the ability to view it is limited, and for complete security, user actions are logged. Thus, the digital data room is a convenient and reliable way to store documents.

So, the virtual data room software is aimed at achieving the following results:

    • ensuring the collection of information necessary for the formation of contracts;
    • creating a single information space for participants in the business process;
    • creating a convenient tool to automate the procedure for agreeing documents involved in contractual activities:
    • improving the quality (completeness, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, consistency) of information;
    • streamlining and standardization of the process of accounting for contracts.

The advantages of the data room software

Advantages of the electronic data room are as follows:

    • saving space in the office – you do not have to store a large number of papers, since most of the primary sources can be destroyed;
    • a quick search for information –  requesting the electronic to the electronic data room is much easier than finding a document physically. Considering that it is often necessary to clarify figures and details for past years, this opportunity will save time and not be distracted from the main affairs;
    • a high degree of security – it is almost impossible to obtain information from the electronic data room without authorization. This provides restriction of access rights in conjunction with logging user actions;
    • guarantee of safety – although the paper archive must be protected as much as possible by law, there is a possibility of loss or damage to primary sources for various reasons. With data room, there is simply no such possibility, in addition, the system automatically creates backup copies;
    • convenience – in addition to the speed of searching for information, it simplifies the work with digital archives and the ability to set up limited access for those employees who need it, which will eliminate inconvenient requests to one person responsible for the archive. Each user can be configured to access both the entire data array and a specific group of documents.